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Request Company Member Cards

As a benefit of your PATA membership we are now offering membership cards to your staff. Your company may request as many cards as are included in your membership level, one of which can be a general card that can be passed around to any of your company members. These cards are good for discounts to productions at 15 participating companies (so far!) as well as a variety of other services in the community. The card also serves as an admission pass to PATA networking events.

Company participants are currently extended the same benefits as those possessing an Individual Membership, although this may change as we continue to add benefits. Individual Memberships may be purchased at an annual cost of $25.

Please complete the form below to request your cards. Thank you for your participation in PATA; we look forward to an ever-growing alliance of Portland theatres.

Company name:*
Preferred Company mailing address:*

Primary contact person:*
Email address:*
Please list this person below if a card should be sent in their name.

Card Assignments

Large Companies ($175 membership)

Medium Companies ($125 membership)

Small Companies ($75 membership)

Card 1: Make this a general card with my company's name.
Company member name:
Email address:

Card 2:
Company member name:
Email address:

Card 3:
Company member name:
Email address:

Card 4:
Company member name:
Email address:

Card 5:
Company member name:
Email address:

Card 6:
Company member name:
Email address:

Card 7:
Company member name:
Email address:

If you would like to update any of your company contact information (phone number, website, etc.) please enter the new information here:

Items marked * are required.

By submitting this form you agree to allow PATA to update your company's contact information on the website.
(Your member information will be kept private.)