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Green Room Cookbook

photo by David Kinder

Order yours online!

Books are $10 each (includes shipping), and can also be purchased by mail. To order a copy by mail, send a note and a check to:
   Greenroom Gourmet
   1017 SW Morrison St, Ste 315
   Portland, OR 97205

Please allow 10 days after your order is received for shipping.

Ordering questions?
Email Theresa at OR
Call Matt at 503-241-4902

The Greenroom Gourmet is a collection of recipes designed for the on-the-go/gotta-day-job lifestyle. The fare is eclectic and degrees of complexity in preparation vary from toss-it-in-a-bowl to break-out-the-pots-and-pans. But the bottom line, the fruits of your labor can be:
  • Packed into a tupperware container and transported easily to work or stored in the freezer for later; and
  • Enjoyed cold or after nuking in the microwave – no more kitchen required.

Now the other unique dimension to this book is that each recipe comes from a Portland-area theatre artist: actors, directors, designers, playwrights, audience members, etc. Why theatre? Don't non-theatre people have to eat? Well, yes; but enough about them. The life of a theatre artist is often one of unstable hours (late nights in theatres, basements, on the road), financial conservation (bah! who needs indoor plumbing?), and underrecognition (even the best shows play before half-empty houses). So, the Portland Area Theatre Alliance presents a book by and for those away from the house, low on disposable income, and feeling like there's got to be more word getting out about live theatre.

Our hope for this recipe book, besides it earning money for the Valentine Fund is that in its own light and goofy way, it builds relationships. Portland is town of relationships. Karma here is as tangible a currency as the dollar. In a town of relationships, you can make great theatre. And in a town of great theatre you can use that to build great relationships. They just chase each other up the spiral. So try a recipe, read about the contributor, go see shows and enjoy relationships with your co-players in our magical city. Feed on.

Awesome Frittata by Ben Plont
Can't-Miss-Bucketful-of-All-Purpose-Quickie-Veggie-Medley Holiday Surprise by Robert Projansky
Wiki Wiki Salad by Pat Janowski
Corn Dog Delight by Matt Haynes
Poor Man's Stroganoff by Liane Hilling Shah
Aphrodite Brownies by theresa hernandez
Starving Artist’s Recipe by Melody Saunders