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Notes from the October, 2007 Educator Event

Well, it was a small group, but we had a very lively discussion regarding the state of theatre education in the Portland area, and the needs of those who serve our students.

The overall consensus was that the community needs an easier way to keep in touch. Those who are looking for teachers would like a place to post jobs where the right people will see them. Those who have large costume stocks would like a place to announce their availability. Those who can distribute free tickets to their productions would like to be able to give them away to theatre classes.

In response to this discussion, PATA has created an Educator Forum, where the theatre education community can come together and share information.

Some specific topics we discussed:

  • The dearth of tours/programming for middle schoolers (social education-focused most needed.)
  • Lack of a comprehensive contact list of theatre educators/administrators.
  • Teachers are bombarded with information - much of it ends up in the trash.
  • Many of the programs offered to teachers are either outdated or prohibitively expensive.
  • After teaching, rehearsals, and other duties, teachers don't have time to get to know each other socially.
  • Need for theater-related courses for Professional Development Credits - particularly in tech fields.
  • Educators at area colleges could recommend students to assisted teachers at elementary/middle/high schools.
  • It is critical that teachers find time to be working artists. But when?
  • There is a high burn-out factor for those who are freelancing as teachers.
  • Are there sources for getting funds to pay freelance teachers what they're worth?
  • What about the tech kids? Frances at PCC would like to host a Tech Olympics!

If you have ideas or comments about anything on this list, or would just like to connect with your fellow educators, please join the Educator Forum. It's quick, easy, and free. Just click on the "JOIN" button, fill out the form (above the red line!) and check your email for a link to activate your account.

Thanks to those who attended this event.