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Marc Hakim
Skills: Actor, Audience Member

Megan Skye Hale
Skills: Actor, House Manager, Box Office, Costume Designer, Carpenter, Stitcher, Costume Crafts, Wardrobe, Audience Member
Other skills: Certified Stage Combatant (British Cert.); Dialects: General American (Alaskan, native speaker), English Recieved Pronunciation

Melanie Joy HallSkills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Musical Director, Composer, Accompanist, House Manager, Box Office, Audience Member
Other skills: Piano, guitar, flute, and some accordion!

Chanda HallSkills: Actor, Musical Director, Accompanist, Producer, Grant Writer, Audience Member
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Jon Ashley HallSkills: Actor, Scenic Designer, Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Carpenter, Spot Op, Flyman, Audience Member

Wendy HamacherSkills: Actor, Audience Member

jana lee hamblin
Skills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Director, Dramaturg, Producer, Audience Member
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Jamie HammonSkills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Costume Crafts, Wardrobe, Audience Member

Laura Handke
Skills: Actor, Singer, Accompanist, Other Admin, Audience Member
Other skills: Interviewing and writing for programs.

Curt HansonSkills: Actor, Other Admin, Audience Member

Jessica Hanson
Skills: Actor, Singer, Audience Member
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Patricia HarelkinSkills: Actor, Singer, Audience Member
Other skills: Improv.

Heather Harlan
Skills: Actor, Singer, Dancer

Krista Harmon
Skills: Actor, Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Other Crew, Audience Member
Other skills: Sign Language Interpreter specializing in performing arts
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Wes Harris
Skills: Actor, Singer, Audience Member
Other skills: trumpet; guitar; songwriter

Brittney HarrisSkills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Marketing, House Manager, Box Office, Other Admin, Costume Crafts, Other Crew, Audience Member
Other skills: Box Office Management, Ballet, Tango, Waltz, Salsa, Cha-cha, Swing, Hip-Hop, and Jazz Dance, Piano, Guitar, Improv.

Robynn HayekSkills: Actor, Box Office, Other Admin, Audience Member

Matt HaynesSkills: Actor, Singer, Director, Audience Member
Other skills: Bilingual acting coach for performers at a begining to intermediate level. I've worked with actors ages 4 to 64, specializing in Commedia-influenced performance techniques.

Robert HeadSkills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Audience Member
Other skills: Improv, 5 years of private Piano and Vocal training as well as some puppet work and crew experience.

Gregory Heaton
Skills: Actor, Director, Playwright, Audience Member
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