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Valerie AsbellSkills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Director, Playwright, Dramaturg, Dialect Coach, Production Photographer, Marketing, Grant Writer, Box Office, Other Admin, Mask Designer, Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Props Artisan, Audience Member
Other skills: Guitar, intermediate piano, tin whistle, drawing and photography (portfolio available upon request) some Spanish, some American Sign Language (ASL)... and waiting tables. :D

Peter Ash
Skills: Actor, House Manager, Box Office, Carpenter, Audience Member
Other skills: Dialects: Standard British, Southern

Latricia AskewSkills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, Production Manager, Marketing, Development, Grant Writer, House Manager, Box Office, Scenic Painter, Spot Op, Wardrobe, Deck Crew, Other Crew, Audience Member
Other skills: Gymnastics, Yoga, Public Speaking, Knitting, Cooking, Fashion and Photography Styling, Camera Operation

Kendall AuelSkills: Actor, Production Videographer, Box Office, Other Admin, Video Technician, Light Op, Audience Member

Bonnie AugustonSkills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, House Manager, Box Office, Scenic Painter, Audience Member

Elizabeth BaconSkills: Actor, Singer, Audience Member

Tyrene Bada
Skills: Actor, Singer, Other Admin, Audience Member

David BaerSkills: Producer, Marketing, Audience Member
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Aline Bahamondez
Skills: Actor, Singer, Marketing, Audience Member

Jason M. BaileySkills: Actor, Singer, Musical Director, Audience Member

Michelle Baird-JohnsonSkills: Actor, Singer, Audience Member
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Bryce Barclay
Skills: Actor, Singer, Scenic Designer, Lighting Designer, Carpenter, Rigger, Scenic Painter, Props Artisan, Light Op, Audience Member
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Annie BarkerSkills: Actor, Singer, Audience Member
Other skills: Accents: Cockney, Standard British, Southern Dance: Jazz and Ballet Sports: Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Adventure Courses Other: Basic Spanish, Voice-Overs, Baking, Interpetive Dance about Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Libby BarnardSkills: Actor, Director, Audience Member
Other skills: Dialect work and I.P.A.: R.P., Cockney, Southern, Brooklyn, Irish; Read Music; Play Clarinet and Saxophone; Dueling Arts International Single Sword-Rapier Certified; Ballet; Jazz; Clowning; Laban; Viewpoints; Improvisation

Hamilton BarrettSkills: Actor, Production Videographer, Other Admin, Sound Designer, Sound Technician, Video Technician, Other Technician, Light Op, Sound Op, Deck Crew, Other Crew, Audience Member

Tara BeanblossomSkills: Actor, Singer, Director, Production Manager, House Manager, Scenic Designer, Mask Designer, Stage Manager, Drafting, Carpenter, Rigger, Scenic Painter, Props Artisan, Sound Op, Wardrobe, Audience Member
Other skills: Irish, Cockney, Upper-Reserved British

Amelia BearSkills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Audience Member
Other skills: Aerial Dance, Movement Theatre/Acrobatics, Circus, Improve,

Katy BeckemeyerSkills: Actor, Singer, Audience Member
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Rachel Becker
Skills: Actor, Singer, Audience Member

Henry BehelSkills: Actor, Singer, Playwright, Scenic Designer, Drafting, Carpenter, Props Artisan, Electrician, Audience Member
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