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erin coatsSkills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Audience Member

Andrew CohenSkills: Actor, Director, Audience Member

Robert CohnSkills: Actor, Audience Member

Angie CollinsSkills: Actor, Stage Manager, Audience Member

Liza Comeau
Skills: Actor, Singer, Audience Member
Other skills: Modeling, Yodeling, Physical Comedy, Southern Dialect, Comedic Dialect, Thirteen Years of Choral Experience

Jane Comer
Skills: Actor, Director, Playwright, Audience Member

Nichole CooperSkills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, Audience Member

Andy CopelandSkills: Actor, Audience Member

Gary CorbinSkills: Actor, Playwright, Dialect Coach, Producer, Production Manager, Marketing, Box Office, Sound Designer, Carpenter, Scenic Painter, Sound Technician, Light Op, Audience Member

Kristen Courter
Skills: Actor, Singer, Audience Member
Other skills: experience working with child actors/singers

Janet Cowart
Skills: Actor, Director, Audience Member
Other skills: Teacher (B.A., M.A in theatre with a concentration in directing) Certified teacher in Oregon, Arizona Teaching theatre classes in various disciplines. Acting/directing coach

Morgan CoxSkills: Actor, Director, Choreographer, Audience Member
Other skills: Please email me and ask for my headshot/resume. I have my MFA in acting, from Temple University in Philadelphia.

Scot CrandalSkills: Actor, Singer, Musical Director, Composer, Accompanist, Audience Member
Other skills: Jazz Piano, Guitar

Alex CrawleySkills: Actor, Singer, Producer, Marketing, Development, Other Admin, Other Crew, Audience Member
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Mia CrivelloSkills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, House Manager, Box Office, Audience Member

Kristeen Crosser
Skills: Actor, Singer, Scenic Designer, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Projection Designer, Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Technical Director, Drafting, Carpenter, Welder, Scenic Painter, Master Electrician, Electrician, Sound Technician, Audience Member

Alana Crow
Skills: Actor
Other skills: Voice-overs

Kaia Crowell
Skills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Director, Choreographer, Audience Member

Aiyana CunninghamSkills: Actor, Director, Audience Member

Matthew Henry CurlSkills: Actor, Singer, Audience Member
Other skills: Guitar, Piano, songwriter
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