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Meghan DaaboulSkills: Actor
Other skills: I can fence and pick up accents quickly.

Monica DaileySkills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Light Op, Spot Op, Sound Op, Flyman, Wardrobe, Deck Crew, Other Crew, Audience Member

Kaitlin DaleSkills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Director, Choreographer, Audience Member
Other skills: Gymnastics, clown, stage combat, basic fencing, basic piano, percussion, Dialects: british, cockney, southern, irish
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Jessica DartSkills: Dramaturg, Audience Member
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Arleen DaughertySkills: Actor, Audience Member

Jennie DavidsonSkills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Grant Writer, Box Office, Other Admin, Audience Member
Other skills: Actor, Dancer, Certified Music Teacher/Vocal Coach, Arranger, Choral Director, Stage Choir Choreographer. Fluent German, French, Spanish. Excellent Oral and Written Skills. Musical Recording/Arrangement. Multi-instrumentalist: Oboe, Soprano Sax, Keyboard, Guitar...

Jennifer DaviesSkills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Audience Member

Grant Davis
Skills: Actor, Singer, Audience Member

Steven DawsonSkills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Director, Musical Director, Scenic Designer, Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Technical Director, Carpenter, Props Artisan, Electrician, Other Technician, Light Op, Spot Op, Sound Op, Flyman, Deck Crew, Other Crew, Audience Member
Other skills: dialects, athletics, equestrian, pistol and rifle, production assistant.

Sandra de HelenSkills: Actor, Playwright, Audience Member

Asae Dean
Skills: Director, Dramaturg, Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Audience Member

Erin Dees
Skills: Actor, Singer, Director, Dramaturg, Production Photographer, Production Videographer, Production Manager, Marketing, House Manager, Box Office, Other Admin, Scenic Designer, Lighting Designer, Costume Designer, Sound Designer, Projection Designer, Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Drafting, Carpenter, Scenic Painter, Props Artisan, Costume Crafts, Master Electrician, Electrician, Light Op, Spot Op, Sound Op, Wardrobe, Deck Crew, Other Crew, Audience Member
Other skills: some harp, didgeridoo, piano,improv

Ian DennySkills: Actor, Director, Production Videographer, Producer, Video Technician, Audience Member
Other skills: Foosball, billiards, football, baseball, tennis, bicycling

Lucas Derr
Skills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, Costume Designer, Costume Crafts, Wardrobe, Deck Crew, Audience Member

Matthew DieckmanSkills: Actor, Director, Audience Member
Other skills: Guitar

Sarah DiMeo
Skills: Actor, Singer, Audience Member

Samuel DinkowitzSkills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Audience Member
Other skills: Juggling, Certified Stage Combatant

James DixonSkills: Actor, Audience Member
Other skills: Athletic, Communication, Adaptability

Katie DolphSkills: Actor, Other Admin, Audience Member

Jade DoniganSkills: Actor, Singer, Audience Member
Other skills: Improvisational acting, drawing/painting, speaking conversational Spanish
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