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Karen Barnes FarleySkills: Actor, House Manager, Box Office, Other Admin, Scenic Painter, Props Artisan, Stitcher, Audience Member
Other skills: Currently learning to play the Ukulele, Studied Ballet, Tap, Modern; Bookkeeper, Power Tools, Stained Glass, Scene Painting

Benjamin Farmer
Skills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Audience Member
Other skills: Stage Combat skills with broadsword, rapier/dagger, unarmed. Dialetcs include American Standard and Irish. Well aquainted with Jazz dancing, with experience in swing and ballroom. Sports, including football and hockey, as well as physical fitness.

Naomi FastSkills: Actor, Playwright, Dramaturg, Marketing, Audience Member
Other skills: Poet, karaoke singer
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Miriam Feder
Skills: Actor, Singer, Director, Composer, Playwright, Dialect Coach, Grant Writer, Box Office, Audience Member

Rosalind FellSkills: Actor, Dancer, Choreographer, Dialect Coach, Audience Member

Jane FellowsSkills: Actor, Director, Dialect Coach, Stage Manager, Stitcher, Audience Member

Jenny FinkeSkills: Actor, Audience Member

Margaret FitzgibbonSkills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Playwright, Audience Member

Dennis FitzpatrickSkills: Actor, Director, Audience Member

Kendall Fleshman
Skills: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Audience Member
Other skills: Gymnastics, Spanish, writing songs and poems

Elias Foley
Skills: Composer, Sound Designer, Projection Designer, Sound Technician, Video Technician, Audience Member
Other skills: Composer

George FosgateSkills: Actor, Director, Playwright, Audience Member
Other skills: Unarmed Stage Combat (Combat Mime - punches, slaps, kicks, falls, etc.) Society of American Fight Directors National Workshop, 1980 Hunting, fishing, basic computer, carpentry, drive auto & manual shift. U.S. Army (Infantry) 1953-55 (Korean Vet), pistol, rifle, shotgun.

Ian FowlerSkills: Playwright, Development, Audience Member
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Joan FreedSkills: Actor, Singer, Playwright, Producer, Marketing, Audience Member
Other skills: Significant Choral Experience,Mathematician

David FreedmanSkills: Actor, Singer, Audience Member
Other skills: I am a trained singer with countertenor range, 3.5 octaves. I have limited dance experience, no formal training.

Tony FuemmelerSkills: Actor, Director, Producer, Production Manager, Puppet Designer, Mask Designer, Stage Manager, Light Op, Sound Op, Deck Crew, Audience Member
Other skills: Puppeteer
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Scott FullertonSkills: Actor, Audience Member

Regina GalbickSkills: Actor, House Manager, Box Office, Light Op, Spot Op, Sound Op, Wardrobe, Deck Crew, Audience Member

Andrew GarrettsonSkills: Actor, Director, Producer, House Manager, Box Office, Other Admin, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Sound Technician, Video Technician, Spot Op, Sound Op, Flyman, Deck Crew, Other Crew, Audience Member

Nannette GatchelSkills: Actor, Singer, Playwright
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